Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows you to create an online store to sell goods. Shopify stores allow users to sell products they physically have in stock OR that they are drop shipping. 

Drop shipping means you don't physically touch or ship the product at all. The wholesaler does that for you. Essentially, you are the middleman. This is what this training covers in great detail.


Benefits of owning a Shopify store:

- Shopify doesn't take a % percentage of your sales, unlike other platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Fancy, etc.

- Shopify doesn't have strict rules UNLIKE the platforms mentioned above.

- You don't need to have any coding skills.

- Shopify has beautiful FREE store themes as well as paid themes (website layouts). 

- No upfront costs for inventory.

- Installing Shopify apps is as easy as two clicks.

- Installing themes is as easy as two clicks.

- Editing within a theme/layout is simple and intuitive.

- You don't physically need to have a product to sell.

- You don't even need to buy the product UNTIL you make a sale.

- Shopify is a fairly new platform which isn't over-saturated.

At EcomVoyagers.com we take training seriously.  You'll have all the information you need to know about selling on Shopify from A to Z. 


Training videos and notes cover the following topics in-depth:


- What is Shopify?

- What store to open

- What items to sell

- Where to find items to sell

- What wholesalers to buy from

- Competitor research

- Shopify store setup (in-depth)

- The most effective Shopify apps

- Sales channels

- Adding products and descriptions

- Setting up ad accounts

- Facebook ads in detail (audience, targeting, ad image, ad copy, etc)

- The magic of the Facebook Pixel

- Researching products and niches

- Conversions & Optimizations

- Objectives 

- Promo ideas to bank on

- Viral-potential products 

- Creating personalized products
- Email Marketing

- Influencer marketing


A $1997 VALUE

What does the training include?
What is Shopify?

Ecom Voyagers has been helping individuals open and scale Shopify stores throughout 2017. The time to learn e-commerce is right now.